You might ask, why should I have a practice website?

Here are some reasons:

1) You need to establish your Internet presence in this day and age of the Internet.
Many patients are looking for information online and it is imperative that doctors maintain their presence and for your clinic, to establish your branding etc.
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2) Provide information about your practice :  contact numbers, clinic service information, address, directions etc. Instead of an easily outdated name card, you can direct your colleagues and patients to your practice website.

3) Provide useful information to your patients. This might be in the form of educational links or material you yourself can publish online.  If you are adventurous, you can even embed Youtube videos and other multimedia content for educational purposes.

4) Provide an alternate way for your patients to get in touch with you – e.g. use of Feedback forms, Requests for Appointment etc – via the Web rather than traditional phone calls.

5) A website is 24/7 customer service.

6) A website is a more  flexible medium as compared to print. You can update any changes “on the fly”, whereas if you have changes say to a phone number or email address, it’s messy having to change your stationary or name cards

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